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For Staff & Promotional requirements, McGRAPHIX offers one of the largest apparel collections anywhere.  Our extensive network offers numerous retail and industry brand names in a dozen product categories.  This extensive collection delivers solutions for multiple price points and program outfitting requirements.

McGRAPHIX provides extensive human support through verbal and email communications, online product support with numerous apparel buyers guides and industry catalog resources, backed up with three decades of industry management and decorating experience.  We have multiple production facilities and the flexibility to manage schedules and prices to fit your program requirements.  Additionally, we ship to both stateside and U.S. Armed Forces programs globally. 

Due to the volume of industry options available coupled with the custom nature of apparel decorating, we CUSTOM QUOTE ALL PRODUCT REQUESTS. 

Fast Customer Apparel Quote Basics

  • Product Brand & Style #

  • Artwork Availability & Status

  • Decorating Requirements

  • Destination Address

For military programs, 'sample' pricing is available in the U.S. Armed Forces Apparel Showcase area for a variety of civilian administered programs.



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This Staff & Promotional Apparel section is designed around a collection of industry catalogs representing the largest apparel manufacturers and distributors in the business.  These catalogs are the product portals to the apparel decorating industry and allow us to share instant product information.

The industry is comprised of large corporate buyers, purchasing and warehousing large quantities of brand name products, selling exclusively through volume decorators, such as McGRAPHIX.  Other boutique apparel manufacturers provide in-house decorating capabilities and sell exclusively through the decorating industry.  Examples of these companies are brand such as Cutter & Buck, Charles River and Trimark [Root, High Sierra, Elevate, Puma].

By combining these two industry supply chains, it allows us to offer clients over 10,000 apparel options.  And, since we donít inventory product, McGRAPHIX can offer our clients solutions tailored to their needs.

The internal considerations involved in apparel decorating are extensive and we seek to answer these prior to generating the final budget documents.

  • Logo elements needing modification for embroidery

  • Sewing file adjustments for the underlying material

  • Design size and total stitch count

  • Logo thread color matching

  • Number of image locations



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Product navigation is provided by these Apparel sections:

  • Category Directory
    12 apparel categories with brand recommendations sorted by Premium, Intermediate and Value quality categories

  • Industry Catalog Directory
    Section provides direct catalog access to 15+ industry catalogs,  representing over 10,000 decorative receptive apparel products.  All brand referrals in the Category Directory access one or more of these catalogs.

Printing process to account for the multitude of industry materials (i.e. cotton, polyester, nylon)

  • Colored stock requires an underbase to provide a receptive printing surface

  • Number of design colors and locations

  • Ink premix for brand color matching

  • Software solutions to manage complex pre-press design elements



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Throughout our industry catalogs, MSRP or retail unit prices are displayed and can be used for initial budget planning purposes.  This is a standard industry practice, allowing buyers some initial framework for budget planning.

During an engagement, product, decorating and delivery requirements are identified providing the component parts to generate a complete apparel quote.  Depending upon volume, these numbers can vary significantly from the catalog provided MSRP.

A pre-proposal artwork review is the key component to providing accurate budgets and high levels of resulting client satisfaction.  This task is performed between both organizations as part of the project planning and budgeting process.

McGRAPHIX has resources to prepare custom artwork and make modifications to archive imagery.  Additionally, many larger organization have graphic personnel. who prepare and submit custom production artwork.  For this option, please refer to the following web page under our Resources section:

Electronic Artwork Submission Guidelines



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Our job is to support our clients, with product selection and decorating management of staff uniform programs or promotional initiatives.  McGRAPHIX delivers these services to organizations nationally and U.S. Armed Forces globally.

  • Graphic and pre-press management of client brands

  • Volume decorating production services

  • Product distribution & delivery management

For professional assistance, CONTACT US.  We are always happy to help.

  • Product Selection 

  • Volume production planning numbers

  • Acquisition documents

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