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military insignias


Air Force District of Washington


Air National Guard

Department of the Army insignia

U.S. Army Star

Army National Guard

101st Airborne Division

10th Mountain Division Climb to Glory

10th Mountain Division

173rd Airborne Brigade

18th Airborne Corps

Adjutant General Corps

Army Materiel Command

Army Materiel Command

Army Medical Department

Army Medical Department

Army Management Staff College

III Armored Corps

Dugway Proving Ground

Fort Benning Infantry School

IMCOM Unit Crest

Military District of Washington

Training and Document Command

Training and Document Command

Sergeant Major of the Army

Special Operations Command

Special Operations Command

U.S. Army Garrison Miami


U.S. Southern Command

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Department of Defense


Defense Logistics Agency

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Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson

Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall

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U.S. Navy Insignia

Navy FCPO Mess Bethesda

Jiont Maritime Facility Saint Mawgan

Military Sealift Command

Military Sealift Command

National Naval Medical Center Naval Air Station Key West Naval Air Station Miramar Naval Air Station Pensacola Naval Air Station Pensacola Blue Angels

Naval Air Station Whidbey Island

Naval Security Group Activity Menwith Hill

Naval Support Activity Annapolis

Naval Support Actitivty Bahrain

Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia

Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia BIOT

Navy Region Southwest

Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia CPO

Naval Station Great Lakes

Naval Submarine Base Bangor

Naval Submarine Base New London

Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach

Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach

Naval Office of Attending Physician


Office of Naval Intelligence


Portmouth Naval Shipyard


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USS Bataan

USS Bonhomme Richard

USS Iwo Jima

USS Nassau

USS Peleliu


USS Tarawa

USS Wasp

USS Abraham Lincoln

USS Carl Vinson

USS Dwight D Eisenhower

USS Enterprise

USS George H Bush

USS George Washington

USS Harry S Truman

USS Harry S Truman

USS John C Stennis

USS Nimitz


USS Ronald Reagan


USS Theodore Roosevelt


USS Blue Ridge

USS Mount Whitney

USS Anzio

USS Bunker Hill

USS Chancellorsville

USS Chosin

USS Cowpens


USS Gettysburg

USS Hue City

USS Phillipine Sea


USS Arleigh Burke

USS Laboon


USS Carter Hall

Submarine Eternal Patrol

USS Annapolis

USS Georgia

USS Los Angeles

USS Nebraska


USS West Virginia


Disclaimer: The displayed U.S. Armed Forces program logos are copyrighted property of the United States Department of Defense and it subordinate service branches for which U.S. Code Title 17 provisions apply.  Display of these images in the code of this document does not constitute an endorsement by any person or entity within the Department of Defense, military service branch or subordinate programs.  McGRAPHIX purpose in displaying these logos is to provide a client support tool to enhance our service offerings to U.S. Military agencies.  These designs are sold only to authorized buyers within the designated branch of military service.  Any questions regarding this information should be directed to our corporate office.

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