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Electronic Artwork Submission

123 Royalty Free Imagery for Digital Printing

Creating Producible Embroidery Designs


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Electronic Artwork Submission Guidelines

Several pre-submission points to consider prior to sending commercial artwork to McGRAPHIX for industry production.

Online Photography for Digital Printing

Hitting a high note consistently is usually left to those with the gift of perfectly forged vocal cords.  Now, in the world of advertise messaging...

Creating Designs for Embroidery

Creating great embroidery artwork requires adherence to some simple design industry standards.



Artwork File Prepration for Visual Display Products Psychology of Color Brand Design

Artwork File Preparation for Large Format Output

Most of the printing applications for our Visual Display Large Format Products are CMYK output.  Here in lies the tried and true steps to file preparation success.

Psychology of Color in Marketing & Branding

Here is covered a selection of the most reliable research on color theory and persuasion.

The Makings of a Great Logo

A recent industry article on the branding or re-branding exercise.  It covers both the mechanical and psychological steps involved in managing the process. 

U.S. Armed Forces Visual Display Products Branding Services Branded Product Survey

U.S. Armed Forces | Advertising Display Showcase

McGRAPHIX announces our new 2015 U.S. Armed Forces Advertising Display Product Showcase.  This section offers a quick sampling of our Portable Lightweight ...

Brand Production Management

McGRAPHIX provides communicative product solutions to government and private sector organizations engaged in brand management and message ....  

The Branded Product Survey for $50

We offer both professional management of our client's advertising product productions and innovative saving solutions.  Below is a survey table...


Activewear Buyer's Guide

Athletic Apparel Buyers Guide

Dress Shirt Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide | Activewear

The Activewear Buyer's Guide delivers industry insights making easier the decorated activewear buying decision, with results inline with expectations.

Buyer's Guide |  Athletic Apparel #11

The Athletic Apparel & Uniform decorating industry is comprised of three distinct product categories:
(1) Custom Team Uniforms
(2) Athletic Warm-ups

Buyer's Guide | Dress Shirts

They go by a trifecta of industry names including dress, button down and woven shirts and are featured in virtually every modern wardrobe.


Headwear Buyer's Guide

Polo Shirt Buyer's Guide

Promotional Products Buyers Guide | Selection & Usage

Buyer's Guide | Headwear

The explosion of offshore manufacturing coupled with Made in the USA options, three generations of American driven fashion, the retro look returns...

Buyer's Guide | Polo Shirts

Polos for organizational identity programs are referred to in the industry as sport, knit or golf shirts and are often classified according to the fabric content.

Buyer's Guide | Promotional Products  

Promotional products is a $20 Billion a year industry and continually trends with societal fashion shifts.  Study’s place it second to billboards for advertiser cost per impression

A Better Banner Buyers Guide

Visual Display Products

Recognition Awards

A Better Banner Buyers Guide

In this section, we offer insight into three PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES that need consideration for every HORIZONTAL BANNER DEPLOYMENT.

Advertising Display Products

Portable lightweight displays are one of the fastest growing advertising segments in the U.S., with industry growth for the last decade averaging...

Successful Recognition Award Programs  

With multiple material substrates and a universe of styling options, McGRAPHIX simplifies the award purchasing process by partnering with the some of...


Client Testimonial Samples


Product Purchase Discounts

McGRAPHIX continues to SAVE our Clients money, while delivering the same great PROFESSIONAL SERVICE that sets us apart, year after year.

Client Testimonial Samples

We received delivery of both items and are more than thrilled at the how elegant they turned out!  Thanks so much again for fulfilling our needs.  It is definitely...


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