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NEW Brand Identity
& Website Announcement

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McGRAPHIX announces the launch of both a New Brand Identity and accompanying Corporate Website.  Both officially went live on 30-April-2014.



  • Previous brand identity outdated

  • Core website difficult to navigate

  • Clients unable to describe our complete service offering


  • Research contemporary marketing practices for professional service organizations

  • Initiate a six month design and re-engineering program to create a new identity and website platform

  • Advance social media capabilities




McG Logo

Advertising with a Human Touch

Social Networks

New Brand Identity 1-2-3

McGRAPHIX provides product-branding services for some of the world's leading advertising programs.  Our NEW BRAND realigns the McGRAPHIX identity to the client services we provide in the branding services marketplace

The BOLD RED SPHERE orbiting the unfettered M instills a sense of CLEAR PURPOSE operating in a GLOBAL MARKET.  The sound waves along the edge highlight the ADVERTISING IMPACT we deliver through our products and services.  Together it shows a perfect balance symbolizing the excellence we strive to deliver in every client engagement.

The clear words LOGOED PRODUCTS placed underneath the new McGRAPHIX font are client inspired.  When following up on our deliveries, many of our clients referred to them as LO-GOED PRODUCTS.  After hearing it enough times, it found a home offering a simple snapshot of what we do.

The final piece to the NEW Branding Puzzle are the words that symbolize the organization spirit.

Advertising with a Human Touch! SM

As much as we lean on technical solutions to deliver our industry product and service information, McGRAPHIX still stands on the front lines with our clients.  We work the details and offer our experience to assure program success.

New Website

Along with a new identity, McGRAPHIX rebuilt the core of the organization, our website.  The new homepage welcomes visitors with bold colors, a clean uncluttered design and moving images offering a service and product summary.  The information delivery platform provides clients with the most accurate product branding information available anywhere.  Further, this new design allows us to share our advertising branding expertise with section introductions and an evolving Resources area.

The new site lists our five product solution areas:

  • Exhibit & Banner Display Systems

  • Branded & Athletic Apparel

  • Decals, Labels, Stickers, Permits, Magnets & Yard Signs

  • Recognition Awards

  • Promotional & Other Printed Products

By splitting our products lines into separate areas, McGRAPHIX is able to offer client focal point access.  This client-centric approach allows us to offer more targeted online information than ever before.

U.S. Armed Forces

The U.S. Armed Forces continues to be a primary McGRAPHIX client .  In our new Military District section are three areas loaded with military imagery representing almost twenty years of support services.

Additionally, we have uploaded our U.S. Army MWR & BOSS Program Gear catalogs.  This new web portal provides expedited access to current information regarding these tailored program offerings. 

Social Media

Social Media is now a key part of our client relationship management with convenient access offered throughout our site.  As we convert to an open media platform, we ask you to share us with your professional network via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Staying in touch with all we do is now easier than ever.


Our website features new rich content inspired by clients, industry relations and the great team at McGRAPHIX.  Visitors can find this information throughout the site and in the Resources area.  The site updates quarterly with contributed content and weekly product pricing specials and new releases.

Please help spread the word by sharing us with your professional network.  Thank you for helping us make this NEW BRAND and NEW WEBSITE - REVOLUTIONARY ONCE AGAIN.

Solutions Delivered to Reflect a Brand's Image, Quality and Value.  This is What We Do.