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Service to Others

The dawn of 1983 offered no promise for entrepreneurial success as Americans had been pummeled by successive decades of out-of-control government spending and disastrous economic policies. The economy was broken, scuttled by the federal government’s warring adventures in Vietnam and failed social engineering on the streets of America. Foregoing a restrictive gold backed currency, the political dollars flew out of Washington, causing massive runaway inflation for both food and energy and America’s first dependency on foreign oil. Just to survive, businesses were closing doors and reducing staff and those lacking the rogue entrepreneur gene, withered under the idea of starting a business in this storm.  But a U.S. Army Sergeant (Ret) and his optimistic son saw an opportunity in a new innovative segment of the printing industry, referred to as screen printing.

img-about-us-army-star Starting with a few mesh screens, a few tables and a mighty apparel press, (2) men set-off to build a new business, then called New Era Graphics. The cutting-edge name described the novelty of screen printing at the time. In apparel it was a tee-shirt for a cause, in signs it was a print for an election campaign and in the promotional industry a #1 shaped ice scrapper with a business name attached. Years later and reflective of the family origins, this same business became McGRAPHIX Advertising Products and now graciously works alongside U.S. Armed Forces around the world.

Rolling Thunder




Our Roots Run Deep

Our growth and longevity are fueled from business engagements with many successful and influential organizations.

  • Department of Defense

  • Marriott Corporation

  • Accenture, Deloitte & Amazon Web Services

  • U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops

  • Duquesne, Georgetown & Catholic University

  • DaVita Corporation

  • Federal, State & Municipal governing agencies

  • National & regional associations & corporations

All these entities share the same marketing strategy in that they communicate brand first with their target audience.  The product based choreography of these communications is where we thrive.




What We Offer


McGRAPHIX Advertising Products delivers product-based advertising solutions to customer driven organizations engaged in brand and event management. At the forefront of the advertising product industry for over (30) years, we offer a superior customer experience, worry-free productions, on-time and on-budget deliveries at competitive prices.

We accomplish in (2) ways. First, our service and product line offerings evolved from our extensive working relationship with prominent national and defense organizations. Second, our quality and superior results derive from our decades of industry management experience and our extensive network of select industry affiliations, representing the leading American manufacturing and decorating organizations. This results in the professional management of every client production, thereby optimizing the return on investment of all marketing, branding and communication initiatives.





Project Management

  • Time Tested Expertise

  • (200) American Production Affiliates

  • Modern Facilities for Volume, Quality & Consistency

  • Government & Corporate Programs

  • On-Time & On Budget Delivery

Graphics Management

  • Graphic design services

  • Image layout & design

  • Design modifications

  • Artwork enhancements

  • Color conversions

  • Pre-production file management


  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Corel Draw

  • Adobe Acrobat

Commercial Printing & Embroidery

  • Pantone & CMYK print applications

  • Embroidery logo design, digitizing & production 


Product Categories


Distribution Management

  • CONUS shipping via major freight carriers

  • OCONUS postal & depot distribution

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