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McGRAPHIX Advertising Products delivers high quality, cost competitive advertising product solutions to large organizations involved in Brand, Event and Message Management.  This includes U.S. Armed Forces programs, U.S. based corporations and government agencies.


IMG Services

IMG Product

  • Graphics Management

  • Commercial Printing & Embroidery

  • Production Management

  • Global Distribution


Graphics Management

  • Commercial graphic design services relating to organization logos and communication copy
    ·   Image layout and sizing
    ·   Design modifications
    ·   Artwork enhancements
    ·   Color conversions
    ·   Pre-production file management

  • Graphic programs:
    ·   Adobe Illustrator
    ·   Adobe Photoshop 
    ·   Corel Draw 
    ·   Adobe Acrobat

Commercial Printing & Embroidery

  • Commercial Printing relating to offset, digital & screen applications in both Pantone Solid & CMYK profiles

  • Embroidery production relating to application of organization identification onto textile and apparel products

Production Management

  • Time Tested Experience managing all facets of product branding requirements

  • 200+ Industry Affiliates located in twenty-five states from New York to California

  • Modern facilities designed for Volume, Quality & Expedited Production

  • On-Time & On Budget Delivery

  • Versed in contract management relating to
    Government & Corporate Production Programs




IMG Global

  • Major freight carriers

  • OCONUS Postal & freight management


IMG Sector

  • U.S. Armed Forces

  • U.S. Federal & State Agencies

  • U.S. Corporations