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[Q] What is a AFNAFPO NPA and how does it benefit DoD NAFI programs?

AFNAFPO - Air Force Nonappropriated Fund Purchasing Office serves a central non-appropriated fund purchasing function in support of worldwide NAF activities worldwide. It develops corporate purchasing programs in support of activities that stimulate physical fitness, community cohesion, family well-being, and quality of life.

NPA - Nonappropriated Fund Purchasing Agreement

NAFI - Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities

AFNAFPO NPA’s represent DoD NAFI evaluated competitive prices.  The following NAF regulation references eliminate the requirements for contracting and program personnel to compete items/prices listed on a vendor NPA, while providing the convenience and cost savings of delivery orders for buying activities.

DOD NAF Procurement Policy AFNAFPO References

4.1.2. Nonappropriated Fund Purchasing Agreements (NPAs) NAF Contracting Officers have unlimited authority (funds permitting) to award pre-priced delivery orders against NPAs.  Competition is not required.

U.S. ARMY NAF REGULATIONS 2008 Army Regulation 215–4 Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Nonappropriated Fund Contracting
2–22. Use of existing contracts and agreements a. Many Government and NAF contracts or agreements are available for NAFI use. Government sources include AFNAFPO.

b. Orders placed against AFNAFPO purchasing program are considered to have met the competition requirement. Therefore, ordering offices need not seek further competition or make a separate determination of fair and reasonable pricing when using these sources. The contracting officer has already determined the prices to be fair and reasonable.

U.S. NAVY NAF REGULATIONS – 2011 CNIC INSTRUCTION 7043.1 CNIC Procurement Policy For CNIC Nonappropriated Fund Activities
115. Contracting Assistance
c. Inter/Intra Service Agreements. AFNAFPO issue various purchasing and price agreements. Navy NAFIs are eligible and authorized to use many of these agreements. Competition is not required when issuing delivery orders against existing price agreements and contracts.

307. Delivery Orders. A delivery order is a request for delivery of supplies or services under the terms of an existing contract. Delivery orders may be placed against any current contract or agreement which is set up to allow such orders and is authorized for NAFI use, such as AFNAFPO contracts. Contracting officers (any warrant level) have signature authority for all delivery orders regardless of dollar value. The contract number and the activity’s delivery order number shall both be cited on the DD 1155. Contract clauses are not attached as the terms and conditions of the existing contract prevails. Competition is not required.

U.S. MARINE CORPS REGULATIONS 2015 Marine Corps Community Services Nonappropriated Fund Procurement Policy
1. Air Force Nonappropriated Fund Purchasing Office (AFNAFPO) a. A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) authorizes the Marine Corps MCCS to participate in Air Force Nonappropriated Fund Purchasing Office (AFNAFPO) programs. Through volume purchasing of common need items, significant savings can be achieved.

c. Each MCCS will issue its own delivery order for the product desired per the terms of the AFNAFPO contract. Delivery orders placed against AFNAFPO contracts or negotiated on behalf of the MCCS by AFNAFPO satisfy Marine Corps requirements for competitive NAF purchasing

4. Contracting officers or purchasing agents placing orders against DoD NAFI cooperative effort contracts are not required to make a separate determination of fair and reasonable pricing. These prices have already been determined to be fair and reasonable by the contracting officer awarding the contract.

g. When the purchase is made from a DoD NAFI cooperative effort contract. DoD NAFIs include Air Force Nonappropriated Fund Purchasing Office (AFNAFPO); MCCS need not seek further competition or make a separate determination of fair and reasonable pricing when using these sources because the contracting officer whom awarded the original contract has already justified the competition requirement and determined the prices to be fair and reasonable.

Delivery Order – an order for items placed against an established contract (e.g. GSA contract, AFNAFPO contract) or with a government source. When placing a delivery order against an existing contract, reference that contract number on the order. The Terms and Conditions/Clauses of the established contract are applicable to the delivery order.