Large Format Artwork Preparation


Output awareness, proper file settings and available industry references provide the necessary tools to assure advertising product investments are accurately produced.  To prepare and submit commercial grade artwork files for our large format ADVERTISING DISPLAY PRODUCT line, simply mirror the following procedures.

CMYK Color Design, Bitmaps & Output

Printing applications are CMYK output. 

  • Convert RGB images and color pallets to CMYK prior to submission

  • Use the industry Pantone Process Color Reference Book for auditing converted RGB images and assigning and adjusting visually correct CMYK color values to these same elements

  • For critical CMYK colors, provide an assigned Pantone Process Color directory on the PDF proof page.  Alternatively, with clear image references, provide a Pantone Solid Color target number for the embedded CMYK formula.  This is important for new production artwork

  • For full black, we recommend setting CMYK values to C 0, M 0, Y 0, B 100.  The output devices are calibrated for this setting.

  • 200 DPI bitmaps originated and scaled to 100% output size.  Larger DPI settings do not provide any higher quality output and lower will tend to pixelate and show jagged or distorted imagery. 

  • Use our online digital image provider such as 123 ROYALTY FREE or commercial photographer for large bitmap and photo imagery inclusion

  • Vector artwork elements eliminate bitmap sizing issues

  • If vector elements are to be converted to raster, do it to size at 200 DPI

  • Review our Artwork Submission Guidelines

Download the Product Design Template

  • For PDF based product design templates, access our Tents - Banners - Displays catalog and select the Graphic Info tab under each product record

  • The first page offers an overview of the output specifications while the second page is the working  file template to open and retain in Adobe Illustrator

  • Verify the �printed� color output as CMYK for the selected product

  • Open the Product Template file in Adobe Illustrator and place on a separate locked layer. Retain this template layer in the submitted file as doing so will expedite the pre-pre-production audit and assures proper formatting (It will not print with the final graphics).

FTP File Transfer

  • File transfer to McGRAPHIX Advertising Products via our online FTP File site transfer service -  www.wetransfer.com

  • Use the email address here for the email destination


If you wish for assistance, please feel free to contact
McGRAPHIX Advertising Products.  We are always happy to help.

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