The Makings of a Great Logo


Six questions to ask when designing a brand

Your company's logo is the foundation of your business branding.  It is probably the first interaction that you will have with your customers.  An effective logo can establish the right tone and set the proper ethos.  After years of crafting logos for different projects, I've come up with a set of questions that I always ask myself before delivering a new logo. 

1.  What emotions does the logo evoke?  Above all design guidelines, the most important criterion is whether the logo reflects the character of the company.  The emotions that the logo evoke should be appropriate to the company values.  For example, the Disney logo evokes a sense of happiness and optimism.  The curvy, fun typeface is appropriate for a company that has been making cartoons and animated pictures for kids.  However, a similar logo style on a sales platform would not be appropriate.


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