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The explosion of offshore manufacturing, three generations of American fashion, the retro look returns, the farmer to the ball player and the abundance of new decorating techniques has made headwear a complicated fashion option.  No more.

In this section,  we highlight headwear manufacturers and  decorators in a simple navigational layout, effectively placing the  industry at our client s fingertips.  We don t cherry pick other company s products and call them our own.  Rather, we provide access to and management of the industry s best companies;  benefitting our clients, our supplier and ourselves.  

Ever More Competitive Pricing

Two of the largest industry decorators in the country manage an overseas and domestic supply chain, inventorying and decorating thousands of pieces every day.  Rather than work against them, McGRAPHIX has partnered with them to bring the cutting edge of headwear fashion to our client s desktop.  Outdoor Cap and Paramount are both located in the middle of the country, allowing us to serve our clients on both coasts and overseas conveniently and at highly competitive price.  Paramount also offers product customization services allowing for the unique custom accents along with Made in the USA products.

Browse either of the two catalogs and view quantity level pricing with or without decorating.  Find what you want and let us know and we ll confirm pricing, manage the artwork and run the order.  That s it.  Same great quality and service you ve come to expect from McGRAPHIX, now with a new lower cost headwear solution.

Premium or Standard


Looking for something more top end.  How about something from the ongoing clash of the sportswear titans, adidas and Nike?  Or, the pro baseball brand New Era caps gives at fitted look that plays out for more than 162 days a year.  To rich?  Slide down one step and meet Adams Headwear headwear.  They provide country club fashion without the titan price.  Any of these brands can be expertly custom embroidered by McGRAPHIX

Need something standard from the industry brands?  Try the ever popular fashions form Adams, the basics from the big accessories brand, outdoors nature styles from Dri Duck, the industry standard bearer Paramount, the fitted cap from FlexFit by Yupoong.  Any of these styles can receive expert front, side and / or back embroidery by McGRAPHIX.


Putting standard logos on caps requires a smaller vertical image space than that for shirts or jackets.  On the cap front panels, the embroidery must fit into a 2-1/4" height, while the vertical area on visors is even smaller.  Horizontally statured logos fit well on the front panel with a 4-1/2" wide spatial area.  The side and back of the caps are also image receptive.  


The industry can terminology can be confusing.  Below are some the terms referred to most often in the land of caps.

  • 6 Panel refers to caps with a front panel center seam.  These are designed exclusively for embroidery and give the caps a more uniform finished appearance.

  • 5 Panel refers to the front panel style absent the center seam.  These came into the industry when screen- printing caps was more popular than embroidery.

  • Structured refers to caps having a fused buckram backing behind the two front panels making the cap have a formed and rigid shape.  Buckram is typically a stiff cotton sewn cloth.  These rigid panels provide two benefits over low profile unconstructed caps.  First, they provide space for air to circulate in warmer weather providing for a cooler cap.  Major League Baseball has a fitted structured cap to deal with summer heat.  Second, this backing provides a sturdier surface for the embroidery needles, yielding a higher quality embroidery finish.  These caps are used mostly with uniform and athletic programs.

  • Unconstructed refers to low profile caps having a natural, low-sloping crown with a more relaxed and casual look, typically following the contour of the head.  These caps do not have the buckram backing of a structured cap.  The fabric of unstructured caps tends to shift more during the sewing process making small elements and text have an unfinished or ragged appearance.

  • Flexible Fit caps are made with a spandex in the head-band keeping them snug to the head.  Similar to a pro style fitted cap, there is no closure in the back and they come in multiple sizes (S/M and L/XL).

  • Digitized is a digital artwork image file properly converted to an embroidery production file.  Caps and shirts require two different production files due to the dissimilar geometrical nature of the two product types.

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